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We provide our Services in the whole Paphos District and Polis area and all-over-Cyprus.
Our Office address is in Lysos village about 12km from Polis (Chrysochous) town.

We provide a Full Range of Electrical Services & Photovoltaic Systems.
We can do Installations in houses or offices, and we specialize in supplying Cypriot homes or businesses with a range of Photovoltaic Energy Solutions that offer financial savings, energy independence, and carbon reductions.
Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to offer exceptional value and technical excellence.
Our work is of the highest standards and in accordance with the latest European and International Electrical Wiring Regulations.
If you are looking for an honest and competent electrician for your project, we are happy to help.

You won’t have to deal with third parties. We are a full – service solar company, we do the design, installation, maintenance and cleaning services.
You will never have to wonder who to call if you need assistance.

Photovoltaic Installation

Step 1 - You Contact Us

Residential Installations

Your home is the most important place for your family, and we are aware of that. This is why we put time and effort into creating and installing solar panels for the home that adapts to your own electrical necessities...

We’re proud to be a local business with a commitment to making harnessing the energy of the sun possible, and we can’t wait to become your energy solutions provider.

Superior Customer Service
We offer a 20/15-year Guarantee[Guarantee of Inverters is 10-years] on our materials and labor.

Step 2 - We will design your system according to your consumption

Commercial Installations

We offer the best high-efficiency commercial solar panels for business, schools, and farms. All of our solar panel modules come with a 20/15-year Guarantee[Guarantee of Inverters is 10-years], the best on the market...

As the technology for harnessing solar power continues to develop, commercial solar panels have the potential to save businesses more money each year.
Business owners not only reduce energy costs, but also cut overhead costs at substantial margins.

But not all businesses understand the operational ins and outs of solar energy.

We have a skilled and experienced team, who will make sure that installation projects finish on time and to the highest standards.

All-in-One Service
Going solar is easy. It doesn’t take much time and businesses do not need to work with third parties.

From consultation and installation to completion and regular maintenance, you will always have Us by your side.

Photovoltaic Maintenance

Step 2 - We will design your system according to your consumption

Maintenance Services

Our technicians will take care of the technical and operational management of your photovoltaic systems.
With us, you get a professional post-installation service that maximizes the earning power and lifespan of your system... at a reasonable cost.
We will perform:

  1. Cleaning of panel surfaces and inverter air filters.
  2. Visual inspection of connectors, cables, and mount.
  3. Inspection of surrounding conditions.
  4. Testing of the electrical systems and inverter performance.

This Photovoltaic Panel Maintenance Service should offer you a better Energy Solution/Efficiency/Results.
We often begin with the Analysis of the Monitoring Data, followed by a visual inspection of the Solar Panel units.

We specialize in post-sales management for numerous manufacturers of photovoltaic systems.
We can guarantee the maximum return on your investment. The Solar Panel Guarantee is usually 15/20-years after the Installation/Purchase[Guarantee of Inverters is 10-years], and this includes on-site repairs and spare-parts management.

What about hail? Will it damage my solar panels. While very rare, hail can damage solar panels. When there are storms in the area, rest assured that your solar panels are designed to withstand hail and other forms of bad weather.

Photovoltaic Repair

Step 1 - You Contact Us

Repair Services

Repair photovoltaic system.
At our Solar company, we provide a fast and dependable solar panel repair service in Paphos - Polis Areas[And all over Cyprus]. We do an efficient, professional job every time, taking great pride in a job well done and in getting happy, satisfied customers...

Damaged solar panels can be replaced and your system will be as good as new. Contact us about and let us show how much you can save with solar. DO YOU HAVE A BROKEN SYSTEM? LET US TAKE A LOOK AT IT!

We are responsible for most Electrical General Repairs and Repairs of Photovoltaic Energy Solutions, which we have done, as well as systems installed by other companies.

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