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Michael Elias PhotoVoltaic Systems [Polis - Lysos, Paphos]

About Us

Michael Elias Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic System has gained relevance with people shifting to the natural and renewable sources of energy! Realising the catastrophics threats from our changing environment, people have started swapping to eco-friendly energy resources from the conventional means.
All thanks to the mature technology of photovoltaic system, that we can now use the unlimited potential of solar power to meet our daily needs.
In our attempt to provide you superior quality photovoltaic system at a reasonable cost, we have collaborated with the world class manufacturers of photovoltaic systems to cater you with simply the best. We have installed over 300+ installations so far and still going strong. We are based in Lysos - Polis and Paphos [We provide Installations & Services all over Cyprus] and we have been operating as a photovoltaic systems installation service since 2012.
We are Certified for Installing Photovoltaic Systems and Certified Electricians.

Photovoltaic Installations - Maintenance - Repairs

Contact us now at [Phone:] +357 - 99683915 [SMS, Viber, WhatsApp] for further assistance in Paphos, Cyprus.

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